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Top Benefits of Vinyl Car Mats

Sure, car floor mats can make your feet feel comfortable during one of those long trips, especially for passengers. However, floor mats do much more for drivers because they help keep dirt and grime away from a car's carpet. It goes a long way in giving an easy time maintaining and keeping your car's interior clean. That said, there are different floor mat materials to choose from, with vinyl being one of the most popular. Here are the top benefits of vinyl car mats.

Under Spikes for Better Grip

A floor mat that constantly moves under the feet is arguably one of the most annoying and distracting things for a driver. Therefore, such a mat makes driving difficult and increases the chances of an accident. One advantage with vinyl floor mats is that their undersides are equipped with spikes, which promote better grip on a car's carpet. It ensures that a floor mat stays in place no matter how much you shuffle your feet. However, you must step hard on a vinyl mat during the initial installation to ensure that all spikes dig deep into the carpet.

Upturned Edges

When dirt or liquid finds a way to a floor mat, it is vital to clean it as soon as possible to prevent the mat from rolling on the carpet beneath. Unfortunately, some floor mat designs make it easy for dirt and liquids to spill over. Vinyl mats are different because they feature upturned edges all around. The design prevents water, dirt, and grime from exiting a mat while driving, eliminating the need to dust a mat at every stopover. However, the ability of your vinyl floor mat to keep dirt and debris from exiting the mat depends on the height of the upturned edges. Ideally, you should only buy floor mats with relatively high upturned edges.

No Staining

Fabric floor mats are susceptible to staining, especially when you leave spills, food materials, and dust to sit longer than is necessary. Removing stains can take long and might require expensive cleaning detergents. Alternatively, you can take mats to a car wash for professional cleaning, but that would still cost you time and money. Vinyl car mats are some of the easiest to clean and are stain-resistant regardless of how long dirt and spills stay on. The reason is that vinyl is not an absorbent material like other fabrics. Therefore, you do not have to worry about rushing to clean out car mats to prevent ugly stains.