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Three Fundamental Tips for Purchasing the Right Bull Bars

If you are planning on driving through rural roads, consider investing in bull bars for your 4x4 vehicle. A bull bar is a critical accessory for protecting the engine and the front end of an automobile in case of a collision. The unit will minimise the effect of animal and general impact of your vehicle, reducing the risk of getting stranded in hostile conditions. Here are essential guidelines for choosing the right bull bars.

Compare the Materials

The manufacturing material is the most critical factor in the function and performance of bull bars. Therefore, compare the options before selection. The primary materials used are steel, aluminium and plastic. Steel is the most popular because of the intrinsic sturdiness. A steel bar will handle a strike from large animals and minimise vehicle damage. The only drawback is the weight which could affect the vehicle's performance.

Aluminium is lighter than steel, so the impact on auto function is lower. The metal has lower tensile strength, but the performance during collisions is still reliable in most cases. However, the cost might be higher because of the metal unit price. Plastic bull bars are weak and prone to damage during impact. If you are looking for bull bars for use in urban environments, consider plastic items. The risk of pedestrian injuries will be lower.

Consider Compliance

When purchasing bull bars, ensure that the design is compliant with established standards. This consideration will promote personal safety when driving through off-road conditions. The most common concern is the blockage of headlights. Avoid structures with a negative impact on illumination. Also, the bars should not have harmful features like protrusions or sharp edges in case of contact with a pedestrian. Additionally, make sure that the bull bars will not affect airbag deployment.

Plan for Accessories

Bull bars are perfect points for mounting other 4x4 accessories. Therefore, choose a structure that will allow for the placement of your required accessories. For instance, if you will be exploring rough rural areas with minimal infrastructure, purchase a bull bar suitable for installing a sand flag, UHF antennas and driving lights. Rated tow or recovery points are also valuable for off-road vehicles. These elements will allow for the installation of a winch or similar accessory for lifting or towing. Avoid unrated mounting points because their capacity is unknown.

Finally, inquire about the effect of bull bars on handling. If your preferred bars will cause a significant drop in the vehicle's front suspension, inquire about upgrade kits from your 4x4 accessories supplier. Contact a 4x4 accessories supplier for more information.