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What Do You Need to Know about Airbag Replacement?

Modern-day vehicles are fitted with a range of airbags to keep occupants as safe as possible in the event of an accident. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, these bags are designed to inflate when the accident is equivalent to an impact with a wall at around16 mph, so it doesn't take very much for them to go off. If you've been in such an accident and find that the airbags in your car have all been deployed, what do you need to do to fix matters?

Repaid and Reuse

While you will obviously need to repair the external damage, you won't be able to drive your vehicle again until you have replaced the spent airbags. They're not designed to be reused, and you will need to get rid of the old ones by installing new modules. This can be quite an involved task but will depend on your vehicle's design and configuration. In some cars, you may have to remove the steering wheel completely and even some sections of the dash. If the airbags are mounted within the seats, the process can be quite tricky and may involve some detailed work to return those seats to their previous condition.

Installing the Modules

Airbags are typically part of a self-contained module that simply plugs into a portal underneath the mounting point. Some of these bags will pull away quite easily, but others may require special tools that will be difficult for some mechanics to get hold of.

Resetting the Sensors

Once the new set of airbags has been installed, it's important to reset the sensor system. This may require some specialised knowledge, but until this step of the process of been completed successfully, the new airbags are useless. The sensor system will not be "live" and will not be able to respond to any future impact.

Quality Replacement Parts

Of even greater importance is the need to get high-quality replacement bags. Unfortunately, there is a black market around, and you want to avoid getting any replacement parts that were not designed and built by experts. After all, you must provide the highest level of protection to yourself and your occupants should you be really unlucky and get involved in another crash.

Best Approach

It's best to outsource airbag replacement to a trained mechanic who has the necessary tools and knows how to reinstall and reset the system. When you work with the best in the field, they will also ensure that they install the highest quality replacement parts. 

For more information about airbag installation, contact a local mechanic.